Camp Bowers

“We welcome the opportunity to share our knowledge of basketball with the youth of today. To make a huge impact in their lives is our main goal here at Camp Bowers. With that being said, basketball is our passion, now let’s make it yours.”

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Camp Bowers’ main aspiration is to make an immediate impact on the lives of the youth in ways that motivate them to never settle with being average. The staff of Camp Bowers believes that each and every one of our youth stores untapped potential that somehow goes unnoticed. It is our goal to help that potential come to light. Not only will Camp Bowers enhance our youth’s fundamentals and passion for the game of basketball, but it will also put forth a strong effort to instill the importance of academics and having a strong work ethic. Here at Camp Bowers, we understand that it is vital to have a proper balance between academics and basketball in order to succeed. Camp Bowers welcomes any and every camper that would love to work hard and have fun with the great game of basketball.


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    • Cash – Walk-in Registrations Only
    • Check
    • PayPal

    * If sending a check, please enclose payment with completed registration form. Forms to be addressed to:

    Laurence Bowers
    Attn: Camp Bowers
    2212 Chapel Hill Rd #201
    Columbia, MO 65203[/vc_column_text][/vc_accordion_tab][vc_accordion_tab title="Campers Will Receive"][vc_column_text delay="0"]

    • T-shirts
    • Autographs from Laurence Bowers
    • Autographs from Current and Former Professional Athletes in attendance
    • Proper instruction and motivation
    • Basketballs

    * The Advanced Skill Level Camp will not be receiving basketballs[/vc_column_text][/vc_accordion_tab][vc_accordion_tab title="Camp Will Include"][vc_column_text delay="0"]

    • A Staff of Current and Former Professional Athletes
    • Guest Speakers
    • Drill Stations
    • Competitive Games
    • Numerous Prizes for Winners
    • Hard Work & Tons of FUN!



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A Special Thanks To Our 2019 Sponsors:


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