I believe that the game of basketball is beyond myself, which is why I have developed LBO Sports in hopes of impacting our youth. If I can impact one child through any of LBO Sports’ ventures, I then, will feel truly successful.

– Laurence Bowers


Laurence Bowers grew up with basketball around him, but his love of basketball started while playing at The Boys and Girls Club of West Memphis, in West Memphis, Arkansas at the age of 5. He was born in Memphis, Tennessee, but moved to live in “the country” in West Memphis, Arkansas which is directly located across the Mississippi River from Memphis. He lived in Arkansas with his mother from the ages of 5-12. During that time period he practiced the game of basketball with a basket that he attached to a light pole in the front yard. At the age of 12 he moved back to Memphis Tennessee until he graduated high school. It was around the age of 12, that Laurence really believed that he had a chance to do something special in the game of basketball.


He is a proud alumnus of St. Georges’ Independent School and The University of Missouri. During his time at The University of Missouri, he became one of the winningest Tigers in the university’s history, and he also became the first active-scholarship player to receive a Master’s Degree in five years. He has a passion for the game of basketball that runs deep. Basketball is what kept him focused during the struggles of growing up while encountering numerous forms of adversity. Basketball has also brought him a lot of success both collegiately and professionally, but he truly feels the victory of success through inspiring kids to be the best version of themselves.


The name of his LLC, “LBO”, was a nickname given to him in college and has stuck with him until this day. LBO is a short play of words, connecting the first initial of his first name “L” with the first two letters of his surname, Bowers. He, his wife (Feven), daughter (Fiyori), and son (Lael) currently live in Columbia, Missouri. Laurence has traveled all over the world with the game of basketball. He concluded his professional career after a championship season in year 5 in Italy (Alma Trieste).


Since the summer of 2015, Laurence has hosted his annual youth basketball camps in addition to his “Lessons From LBO” training regime. He has had the opportunity to impacts hundreds of kids each summer using the roundball. In addition to his basketball ventures, he often guest speaks at various community events, camps, banquets, etc. Laurence is always working with the youth in the community to help them become better athletes and people. He always states how it took many people and organizations similar to LBO SPORTS during his more formative years to get him to the point that he currently is, and that he solely wants to reciprocate it!

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Camp Bowers:

  • “Laurence and his staff at Camp Bowers not only gave our son excellent, personal attention with his skills…. they gave him even more passion for the game of basketball!”
    – Kim Dampier (Carter)
  • “My 4 children attended Camp Bowers and received excellent attention and learned new basketball skills. We could tell a huge improvement from the first day of camp to the last. Most importantly, my 4 children had fun and can’t wait to go back to camp this summer!”
    – Kristin Eastman (Wilson, Luke, Ellie, Caroline)
  • “Camp Bowers was a great experience for my daughter. Each day she came home with renewed dedication, devotion, and excitement towards improving her skills on and off the court.”
    – Ashley Troutman (Brooke)
  • “My nephew loved Camp Bowers. He learned a lot and he really appreciated the encouraging words that you had for him after the camp. I appreciated how you stressed the importance of education, and how one day, the ball will quit bouncing. Keep up the great work!”
    – Scott Glasgow (Cachao)
  • “Laurence Bowers has a deep passion to help the youth become successful in life. He has been able to do this through the game of basketball and Camp Bowers. I have watched my son flourish not only with his basketball skills, but also in his self-confidence. Laurence takes the time to develop each player’s skills, knowledge and appreciate for the game of basketball. I am thankful for all he has done for our family and for being a big brother to my son.”
    – Tami Chievous (Tahki)
  • “My two sons have been working with Laurence since 2011, and when he brought his camp to the St. Louis area last summer we were so excited that he was close to home. It is such a great opportunity for kids to be able to work with Division I athletes from MU. Laurence and his staff are great with kids of all ages. They did a great job giving attention to each camper and working on all of their skills. This summer my daughter (8 years old) wants to join in on the fun, so we are excited that all 3 will be able to attend camp!”
    – Therese Ruble (Josh & Nate)
  • “My son thoroughly enjoyed the camp. Not only was it a fun camp but also the high levels of skills being taught were great. The coaches who assisted with the camp were also great and very knowledgeable. I learned as a father and my son learned as a student of basketball. We are excited about 2016 camps.”
    – Lance Reams (Isaiah)
  • “My son is fairly new to the sport of basketball. He had played for 2 years in the winter months and seemed to enjoy his time on the court. He went to Laurence Bowers’ camp and had a great time. His skill set improved greatly and more importantly he has learned to love the game. He brought back what he learned while at camp and has been able to use that on the court this year in his first season of playing competitive basketball.”
    – Anne Sievers (Luke)

Lessons From LBO:

  • “Our children have had the privilege of working with Laurence during various camps over the past five years. The “Lessons with LBO” workout that they attended last summer was by far the best experience for them.The one-on-one attention they received was beneficial to them. He showed them techniques and drills that they had never seen before and were geared directly towards their needs. Laurence is one of the most caring individuals that we know. He has a way of working with children and has a passion for basketball.”
    – Toby & Melissa, Laredo, MO
  • “Laurence does an excellent job teaching the game of basketball, and his passion for it really shines through. His incredible depth of knowledge, allows him to quickly and effectively tailor his instruction based on the strengths and weaknesses of the player. In our interactions he made us feel welcomed from very beginning, and he always gave us the impression that we were his most important client that day.”
    – Barry Bickel, Columbia, MO (Braden)
  • “I liked Laurence’s ability to adapt to the group of players he had in our sessions. Each child had their own strengths and weaknesses, and Laurence was able to help develop each of their basketball skills while having fun! Our kids learned a lot from Laurence this past summer. We can’t wait for next summer!”
    – Kristin Eastman, Columbia, MO (Wilson, Luke, Ellie, Caroline)
  • “My son had such a outstanding experience taking private and group lessons from Laurence. I was so impressed with the time Laurence took to really drill certain skills, and he has a great rapport with kids. He definitely has a coach’s touch. The only drawback of the summer sessions was that they ended. If he could, my son Robert would still be playing with and for Laurence.”
    – Marie Hunter, Columbia, MO (Robert)
  • “My 12 year old son had a terrific experience working out with Laurence last summer. He improved his existing skills and learned new ones, all while having a great time. We could not have asked for a better experience and highly recommend Laurence to work with your son or daughter! It will be time well spent.”
    – Casey Berndt, Columbia, MO (Jonny)
  • “As parents, we are quite fortunate to have been given the great opportunity you provided for our children. Equally as important, I want you to know our daughter truly treasured the time she got to spend with you and has shared the pictures you took with them on their last day with all her buddies – that is really cool stuff Laurence!!! Again, thank you Sir for what you are doing with these kids, what an inspiration and role model you are for them!!!”
    – Mark Flaspohler, Ashland, MO